Dental Bonding

In Berkley, Michigan, dental bonding is one of the easiest treatments we offer. Dental bonding is the application of composite ceramic, a strong ceramic material, to your tooth in order to fix minor cosmetic dental flaws. Dr. Marvin Herschfus, our gifted dentist, may suggest dental bonding to:

  • Close small gaps or spaces between teeth
  • Repair chips, breaks, or cracks in a tooth
  • Cover up tooth staining or discoloration
  • Make shorter teeth look longer
  • Improve irregularly shaped teeth

Dental bonding can be completed in just minutes at our dental office and is completely painless! No anesthesia is required for dental bonding. The composite ceramic feels and acts like putty when first applied. This allows our dental team to sculpt and shape the material to an ideal form. When we have ensured the dental bonding material is perfect for your smile, we will use a special light to harden it permanently. The tooth is then cleaned and polished for a beautiful shine. If taken care of properly, dental bonding can last for years. If you are interested in an affordable, efficient fix to small imperfections in your smile, please call our talented dental team today. We would be happy to schedule your cosmetic consultation!